Ramihrdus / Decarabia Split

by Ramihrdus / Decarabia

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Presenting a new dark and atmospheric blackgaze experience from the one-man bands Ramihrdus and Decarabia.


released April 17, 2019

Ramihrdus Side:
All instruments, vocals, and writing by Ramihrdus

Female vocals performed by Julia Banchik

Decarabia Side:
All writing, synths, and drums by Decarabia
Vocals, guitar, and bass by Ramihrdus

All recordings are the sole property of Ramihrdus (Bryce Witt) and Decarabia


all rights reserved



Anthrazit Records Berlin, Germany

Black Metal label from Germany/Austria.

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Track Name: Ramihrdus - The Oak Tree
Underneath a cloud
Of an age of trees
Long before humans
Spread their disease

In the void of ash
Left in a wake of war
Lie the ruins of peace
Beneath the forest floor

As the smoke fills the air
And we all cease to breathe
I look up to the sky
And fall onto my knees

In the current of wind
And a fire from the sky
A light reaches down
As we all say goodbye

The forests of the Earth
Now black as the night
Regrow their roots
And begin a new life

A golden age is near
And our future is dim
As this planet reclaims
All of the war and sin

Soon all is forgotten
The trees Live once more
Like a prophecy of old
Told the humans before

From the ashes of death
And the blood of our kin
A memory forgotten
Now retreats within

And underneath the oak
In a cold mist of rain
The forest sheds tears
For all of our pain
Track Name: Ramihrdus - Golden Tears
Dust in the wind
Golden tears
Shed in the forest
For years

Green wilderness
Light from the earth
Holding my hopes
For years
Track Name: Ramihrdus - Dreams of the Forest
Track Name: Ramihrdus - A Misty Grotto
Over a frozen lake
Standing in the distance
Your shadow looms
Beyond where I can see

The white mist
That floats above the ice
Reflects the blue water
Beneath your feet

Trees swaying gently
As you approach me
Whisper my name
Like a gentle stream

Taken below the ice
Into a realm unknown
I do not know where I go
Yet I go

Your arms twist around me
A hand onto my neck
Your cold grey hands
Run down my chest

As your mouth opens
To whisper these words
I look into your eyes
And see nothing

The path ahead
Has closed its doors
My gaze is empty
Your hands on my skin

I feel your ghost
Close to my soul
Trapped in the dark
Scared to let go

Our hands as one
Your face in my dreams
Screaming in darkness
Waiting for me

I wish I could see
All that I’ve done
But this pain won’t end
I’m on the run

A tree all alone
Sits in the woods
Swaying above
Your ghost underneath

These waters are calm
Under the snow
I am awake
In the unknown

All of these things
Disappear with time
Under the leaves
I take what’s mine

Can you see the grotto?
My final resting place
These scars on me
Were my last mistake

If only she knew
The way that I felt
The gaze of the moon
Bathing the ground

A single blue light
Through the rain
Her face is now gone
And so is this pain
Track Name: Decarabia - Into the Clearing
Snowdrifts cast aside the hills
A faceless figure joins my walk
As snow crunches beneath our feet

The cold wind blows through the air
The evergreen branches sway
And snow falls like a gentle mist
Pale and blue to show the way

In the night, I look ahead
Into a clearing in the trees
Nothing but darkness stares back
Like a face staring at me

As I approach the dark
And feel it’s call
The wind picks up
And snow begins to fall

I feel your presence
Behind my back

Walking further into the clearing
The darkness swallows me
Your voice emerges
Surrounding me
Track Name: Decarabia - August Wind
The quiet gust
Of summers wind
Slips between
My thoughts again

A path of gold
Lined with leaves
Right beside
The evergreens

In this pool
Of time and lust
August will rise
And break our trust

Another slip
Into the void
Her eyes golden
I can’t avoid

The river is cold
Inside this cave
Where I slept until
The end of days

Rotting fruit
From the trees
Fall to the earth
Beside of me

A thought of her
Inside of the air
My hands beneath
Her golden hair

Autumns breeze
Is drifting in
Tempting me
To sin again

If there is life
Inside of here
I’ve missed it now
And I can’t hear

My eyes are shut
The blinds are closed
The August wind
Has been disposed

Her hands
Touch my face
I’ve returned
To this place

Inside of me
It stirs within
My love for autumn
Has shifted again

These trees close in
And I have lost my way
If I could find her
I’d find a way
Track Name: Decarabia - Endymion
In the morning light
I lay down
To rest my head

Reaching for the light
I can see the end
In this spiral of white
Our souls no longer pretend

Her arms opened to me
And I reached out in vain
With my right hand
Stretching out in pain

With a single wave
And the light from the sky
We have ascended again
Meeting again

Until we die

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