Midsummer's Twilight

by Ramihrdus

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Recorded from February 2019 - August 2019, Midsummer's Twilight is a sorrow-laden reflection of love through the seasons and how the world treats the natural world and our ever-dwindling resources.


released September 7, 2019

All songs written, performed, and mixed by Bryce Witt
Album photos taken by William Mason
Backing vocals performed by Madelyn Mason and Rick Sowl

All art/work belongs to the respective artists.


all rights reserved



Anthrazit Records Berlin, Germany

Black Metal label from Germany/Austria.

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Track Name: Mistress Of The Frigid Night
A dawning day, a frigid night
The cold water and evening mist
A forest weeps into the sky
Night’s sky drips into the light

The cold water and evening mist
Frozen tongue of Freya’s kiss
Night’s sky drips into the light
Water touching roots that twist

Frozen tongue of Freya’s kiss
Trees bending in the light
Water touching roots that twist
The cold grip of our fear

Trees bending in the light
A forest weeps into the sky
The cold grip of our fear
A dawning day, a frigid night
Track Name: The Forest Will Weep
Our progress knows no limits
Scorched earth and endless war
The trees of of the land watch
As fires burn them even more

In a peaceful valley
Once untouched by man
The leaves echo their cries
As this virus infects the land

We choose to continue this
An endless conquest of earth
Sucking the ground dry
And destroying since birth

When we stand in the forest
Our senses will awaken
But some of us can not hear
What the planet says to us

At any cost we must choose
What side we are on
Progress has no patience
And the forest cannot carry on

The tears fall from the sky
As the gods call out our name
Crying for the earth forsaken
As the leaders carry no shame
Track Name: Red Embers
I woke up to candlelight
And burning embers
A red flame reflected
Deep within your eyes

Flames of a gentle breeze
Caress her fair skin
Like grass in the wind
Glowing in the night

A blue sky
Turns cold and orange
As rain drops fell
Onto her face

Across the field
An empty grove
Of blooming flowers
Secretly grow

I grieve the time
That the earth had gave us
The slow passing
Slowly healing the wound

Without the knowledge
We now hang on to
My mind is freed
To wander the calm

She turns her head
And looks past me
The haze between us
Blocks our view

A greenish glow
Illuminates the ground
Flickering lights
Shine on her face

Growing weaker
And becoming numb
I turn away now
And watch her travel home

Her face turns
One last time

A single tear
Streams down her cheek
Her face
Is killing me
Track Name: Yunalesca's Moon
Inspired greatly by Ohne Dich by Rammstein
Between the suns rays
In a reflection on the wall
My hands stretch out
As the evening fades

There silence fell
My instincts failed to speak
Her eyes lost the shine
That had made me weak

In a moment that’s passed
It lives on in my mind
Never looking past
Always looking behind

There are no words to speak
But things that need to be heard
Sheltering every single thought
Every lasting memory of her

In the spread of my bed
Or the endless forest haze
I blindly wander on
Hoping that I can end this phase

As the years have passed
Time has stayed still
The ringing in my ears
Continue to grow shrill

And while she speaks to me
I can only hear the past
The words she said to me
During a time that couldn’t last
Track Name: Springtime In The Valley
In the wake of a war
In the ashes of morning
A chill rises from the soil
And contaminates the air

The morning breeze is still
Before the suns first rays
Gleaming in the water
Reflecting off the leaves

A hand rises from the ground
An earthly grave of old
The ghost of the forest
From the stories of old

In the silent morning haze
A thousand whispers cease
Birds will raise their voice
Softly will they weep

A white mist from the grave
A tomb of frost and roots
Underneath the fallen trees
The eyes of dawn now look

A breeze picks up again
A voice comes from the north
Freya’s song of spring
An ancient forest force

Walking in the woods
The trees begin to sway
In a mist of gray and white
The ground begins to change

The pain of wanting her
Silent screams from Earth
Footprints in the grass
The trees and mist will birth

I can see
Your shadow
Follow me
To the grave

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